Wedding cancelled after groom threatens to kill bride

A wedding in Sweden had to be cancelled this weekend after the groom-to-be was arrested for threatening to kill his fiancée the night before their big day. Police in the village of Vintrosa, in central Sweden, were called to the couple’s house just 12 hours before they were due to walk down the aisle.

Like many arguments between men and women, the row started in the pub on Friday night when the couple were sharing a few celebratory drinks in nearby Orebro. The ruckus continued and allegedly became physical after they returned home.

According to reports by local newspaper Nirikes Allehanda, the 33 year-old man hit his partner and threatened to kill her after the police arrived. “It’s the first time we’ve searched somebody and found two wedding rings in their pocket,” said police sergeant Anders Wallin in the newspaper’s report.

The man was detained and questioned by a prosecutor on Saturday and released just hours after he was scheduled to tie the knot. He is suspected of resisting arrest, issuing illegal threats and assaulting his girlfriend.

“It’s not yet certain whether there will be a wedding. It won’t be today in any case,” said sergeant Torbjorn Roos.