School torched in Stockholm riots

fredrik-reinfeldtA school was burnt down in Stockholm after three nights of disturbances in the Swedish capital. Stones were also thrown at police by a group of around 100 youths who were refused access to a school dance.

The trouble started on Monday in the suburb of Rinkeby, where a large population of first and second generation immigrants reside. Police say the group went on the rampage, setting fire to cars and the school building.

Fire engines were battered with stones and unable to reach the scene, according to reports. The school burnt to the ground and a nearby police station was also attacked. Two people were arrested but later released from custody.

Police are examining CCTV footage of the events in the hope of making further apprehensions. At least 11 other fires were also reported in the area during the course of the night, and 20 police patrols were deployed.

Rinkeby, known locally as ‘Little Mogadishu’, is home to a large concentration of Somalian immigrants. Jan Bjorklund, the Swedish Education Minister, and Nyamko Sabuni, the Integration Minister, visited the suburb in order to assess the situation.

The purpose of the visit was “partly to inform ourselves, [and] partly to show our support to the residents of Rinkeby,” said Bjorklund in a report by The Local. He added that Rinkeby residents have a right to access the fire brigade and other public services.

Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt said the riots were a sign that society was failing some Rinkeby residents. He added that he hoped voluntary groups and parents would work together to help ease tensions in the troubled nighbouthood.

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