Swedish MP calls for legalised prostitution

swedenSwedish Liberal Party MP Camilla Lindberg has called for the legalisation of prostitution and greater social security for sex workers.

The parliamentarian said she hoped her controversial and vocal stance on the oldest profession would spark debate. Lindberg, who is best known for her fierce opposition to a contentious surveillance law, argued that Swedish prostitutes have been failed by rules that permit the sale but not the purchase of sex.

Lindberg told Borlange Tidning reporters that prostitutes should be allowed the full range of pension assistance and unemployment insurance available to fellow Swedes.

“Prostitution has existed for thousands of years. How can we help people living with this? They too are part of our society. People should be secure in society and feel that they belong,” she said. The polarising Member of Parliament also claimed that the questioning of Swedish prostitution laws has become taboo.

“What one really wants to get at is trafficking, which is a completely different thing to prostitution. The two are often mixed up. One shouldn’t confuse trafficking with a 40-year-old woman who has chosen to sell her body, or a 40-year-old man who has made that choice,” said Lindberg.

The MP added that prostitutes should be able to practice their profession in legalised brothels but that the ongoing fight against sex trafficking is vital.

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