Inspired by Iceland at Keflavik International Airport

inspired_by_iceland76Travellers passing through Keflavik International Airport can now stop and be inspired by Iceland from the specialist Icelandic products on sale within the airport’s shopping area.

Amongst the goods available in Keflavik airport’s shopping area are sealed packets of dried fish, Icelandic alcoholic beverages and soft drinks, confectionery items and most famously, Brennivin. Brennivin, otherwise known as black death, is Icelandic Schnapps traditionally served with rotten shark meat.

In total, Keflavik International Airport holds around eighteen duty-free shops in its excellent shopping area. Popular brands and unique Icelandic designs can all be found at incredible prices, some even 50 percent lower than in the majority of retail stores in Reykjavik.

Travellers also have the great opportunity to relax and enjoy various spa and massage techniques at the famous Blue Lagoon store located in the airport’s departure lounge. Also, a brand new seafood and health bar allows for you to grab a quick bite before your journey.

Furthermore, Keflavik International Airport has been crowned as the ‘Best Airport in Europe’ in a recent customer satisfaction survey conducted by the Airports Council International. This prestigious survey is the world’s leading airport customer satisfaction standard, with around 130 airports taking part. Specified within the survey, travellers described Keflavik International Airport as welcoming, cosy and having friendly service.

So, come to Iceland and be inspired.

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