Denmark criticised for deporting vulnerable Nordics

nordicThe Nordic council has slammed the Danish immigration policy, claiming that fellow Nordic citizens are being unacceptably ousted.

According to the convention agreed upon by the five Nordic countries, citizens from Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Iceland are permitted to reside anywhere within the union without impediment. However, ten Scandinavian citizens were recently deported from Denmark after being declared unable to support themselves.

Stockholm News reports that a Copenhagen-based Norwegian university student terminated her studies in order to receive state aid after becoming pregnant. The woman then had her Norwegian student support allowance withdrawn and was sent back to Norway after being refused social welfare in Denmark.

“It is a problem that everyone does not follow the Nordic conventions and that Nordic citizens are deported because they need social welfare,” said the Nordic Council’s chairman of the citizenship and consumer committee Ville Niinisto, who argued that the Danish behaviour was a clear violation of agreed rules. The Nordic Council has subsequently demanded an explanation from Denmark.

Sweden also has the capacity to deport fellow Nordic citizens if they are incapable of supporting themselves, although such cases are extremely rare. Finland, Norway and Iceland will only deport convicted criminals.

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