Swedish dairy sued by Greek man in Turkish yoghurt row

milkA southern Swedish dairy is being sued by a Greek man after using his picture on the label for their Turkish yoghurt.

The product, manufactured by the Jonkoping-based Lindahls dairy, features the face of a bearded man in traditional dress. The man, however, is now suing Lindahls for SEK 50 million (USD 6.9 million), claiming that he never gave the company permission to use his image.

The Local reports that the Greek man was told that his picture is on the popular yoghurt product by a friend in Sweden who recognised his bearded face immediately.

“I was surprised and I could not believe my eyes. It was a shock to see him there suddenly, someone I know. He didn’t like it, he was upset and wondered how it had happened,” said Athanasios Varzakanos.

In his legal writ, the Greek man has underlined that he is not Turkish and lives in Greece, and that the use of his picture is therefore misleading for both buyers and those who know him.

Lindahls dairy was surprised at the writ, claiming that the image was purchased from a respected picture agency, and that the rights of the photographer were respected.