Iceland to become the next hotspot for medical tourism and health care

joint-replacement78-smallA proposed health care centre aims to push Iceland as the prime medical tourism destination for cosmetic surgery in 2010.

The planned venture by Kadeco, in conjunction with Iceland Healthcare, is set to commence in the second quarter of 2010 at the Asbru Enterprise Park, Keflavik. The healthcare centre, specialising in joint replacements and fat-removal, will house around 35 hospital beds, three operating theatres and all together have the capability of treating up to 4,000 patients per year.

The Asbru Enterprise Park was chosen as the ideal location for the proposed healthcare centre due the area’s close proximity to Keflavik Airport, Iceland’s international airport. As well as this, the area already has a strong know-how when it comes to services for foreign visitors.

“The project is definitely one of the most exciting innovative ventures in Iceland at the present time. It will constitute an important aspect of the build-up and development at Asbru. The cluster of health-related services at Asbru will be strengthened through the operations of the hospital, and this will attract even more diverse companies involved in medicine, treatment, health-promotion, research, education and the production of various health-related products, to name a few,” stated Kjartan Thor Eiriksson, Managing Director of Kadeco.

This medical tourism venture is set be a precious source of income for Iceland and the Icelandic people, as up to 300 new jobs are expected to be made throughout the project.

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