World’s oldest sex shop to close in Copenhagen

oh-noThis March will see the closure of Blue Movie – the oldest sex shop in the world – due to financial difficulties. Supplying pornographic material since 1964, the Copenhagen store’s closure is not, as expected, because of the dominance of internet competition but rather from encroaching bike lanes.

Originally opened some four years before Denmark officially legalised pornography in 1968, Blue Movie at one time possessed the largest collection of adult stimuli in the world and to date has remained the oldest operating pornographic shop.

Currently in its 46th year of business the store has been situated at its location on Copenhagen’s Vesterbrogade Street since 1972. Owner-operator Jesper Strauss, who assumed control of the business from his father, denied suggestions that internet pornography had significantly impacted the shop’s trade according to the Copenhagen Post.

“When porn became easily accessible we changed the company profile so that we specialised in more unique interests…Even though you can get this on the internet many people won’t use their home computer for it. They’re afraid of viruses, spam and most of all, the wife finding it,” Strauss told newspaper reporters.

More influential in the decision to cease operations were rising shop rentals, the ongoing effects of the recession and the construction of new bicycle lanes.

“Customers can’t park anywhere since they built bike lanes everywhere and the effects of the recession can really be felt. You can’t skimp on milk and bread, but you can save on porn during times of crisis,” claimed Strauss, who hoped that the National Museum might preserve some part of the shop as a shrine to sexual predilection.

For collectors and enthusiasts alike, Blue Movie will be offering all stock at 60 percent off until the March 31st climax.

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