Denmark calls for Burka ban proposals

burka-littleProposals into how best to prevent the use of the niqab and burka have been called for by the Danish government. The majority of Danes support the government’s stance against the wearing of the veils by Muslim women in the streets while Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen has said the dress code is not welcomed inside Danish educational institutions.

Speaking at his weekly news conference, Rasmussen said that he is waiting on new reports with suggestions on how to prevent teachers, students and public servants from wearing the burka or niqab, reports Politiken.

“Then there can be a discussion about how to rip the burka or niqab off women. Do we do it through legislation or by signalling our attitudes? Or do we do it by backing the leaders out in our institutions so that they take up the battle,” Rasmussen claimed, arguing that neither the niqab nor burka have any place in Danish Society.

However, a Copenhagen University report suggested that just three women wear a burka in Denmark while around two hundred, mainly Danish converts, use the niqab, although several politicians have queried these statistics. Rasmussen says that the number of women involved is irrelevant to the government’s stance.

“To spell it out: If there was a situation in which my son was being taught in the public schooling system by a teacher in niqab, I couldn’t care less whether this was a fate he shared with three, or three hundred classes in Denmark. It would be one niqab too many,” the Prime Minister emphasised.

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