Lithuania follows Latvian lead by expressing support for Iceland

Vygaudas UsackasLithuanian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Vygaudas Usackas, has followed his Latvian counterpart’s lead. Both have now spoken out and defended Iceland on its decision to have a referendum in regards to the Icelandic bank “Icesave” bankruptcy and its debts to Great Britain and the Netherlands.

The British and the Dutch governments have both reacted strongly to the President of Iceland’s decision to call for a referendum due to issues of compensation, and warned that this could have an impact on whether or not they will support Iceland’s ambitions to join the European Union (EU).

On Thursday, during a telephone discussion regarding this issue with the Icelandic Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ossur Skarphedinsson, Usasckas called “the threats of international isolation unacceptable by some politicians and commentators”.

“I have expressed the view that we understand the Icelandic president has the constitutional right,” said Usackas.

“In my opinion, currently appearing threats of international isolation for Iceland by some politicians and commentators are not acceptable,” added the Minister.

In Usackas’ opinion, the European Commission should get involved with the dispute over Iceland and the EUR 3.8 billion compensation pay out for Great Britain and the Netherlands.

“In my opinion, it is negotiable that the European Commission should get involved in this political dialogue and economic-financial dispute between the two EU countries and Iceland, especially bearing in mind that Iceland is a candidate country for the EU, which is just now waiting for an opinion to start negotiations with the EU, ” Usackas concluded.

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