Rise in Icelandic cod liver oil export to China

This year, online Icelandic clothing and souvenir retailer, Nordic Store, has tripled its export sales of cod liver oil products from Iceland to China.

Research has indicated that omega-3 fatty acids found in cod liver oil, especially EPA and DHA, have positive effects on the growth and development of children. These acids have become an integral part to the diet of the Chinese population – Shark liver oil also becoming very popular.

Since the devaluation of the Krona, the price of Icelandic products, including cod liver oil, attracts the export market more now than it has done in previous years. Leading online Icelandic product retailer, Nordic Store, has seen a great rise in the demand for exporting these products overseas. Such products include as hand knitted wool sweaters, wool blankets, Icelandic jewellry, and outdoor clothing.

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