Denmark declares Nivea and Biotherm potentially dangerous

chemicalsThe Danish Consumer Council has declared that leading brands including Nivea and Biotherm skin products contain suspicious substances.

Nivea has been revealed to contain as many as four chemicals that may cause hormonal disturbances according to a list of suspicious substances on the European Union list, politiken reports.

During the past fortnight, the Danish Consumer Council asked consumers to report to them any skin products which were found to have any substances that could be said to have the potential to disturb hormonal balance. The result was over 400 products reported, with Nivea atop the list with 28 products including sun lotions and facial creams for men. Biotherm was reported for 8 products which affect both men and women.

Lisbeth E. Christensen of Odense reported her Lait Corpore body lotion from Biotherm to the council. “I was really happy with it until I found out how much rubbish it contains. Now it’s going straight into the dustbin,” said Christensen.

Vagn Jelsoe of the Consumer Council claimed that he had been impressed by the level of consumer interest. “It shows that this is something consumers are really involved in, and it shows that the issue of cosmetics with substances that cause hormonal imbalances is a major problem. Companies and politicians must now really pull their socks up and stop harmful substances,” he said.

So far, Nivea has not commented on the findings, although Biotherm’s parent company L’Oreal did respond in an email statement. According to L’Oreal: “The ingredients in our products are legal, and even though a product contains an ingredient that is on the EU priority list that you mention, of substances that potentially cause hormone imbalance, that is not the same as saying that the product does cause hormonal imbalance.”

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