Danish Hells Angel member banned from Spanish holiday resort

hells-angelsA Danish biker from the Hell’s Angels gang has been advised that he will not be welcomed by the La Santa Holiday Club on Lanzarote in the Canary Islands.

The decision came after the resort learned that the gang member had been involved in several high-profile incidents in the increasingly tense Danish capital, Copenhagen, which has been affected by a recent upsurge in gang warfare.

Brian Sandberg had booked and paid for his Spanish holiday with his girlfriend but he was advised against visiting La Santa Holiday club by local sales director Michael Rygaard after the group recognised his name from several media reports of violence in Denmark, according to Politiken.

”We investigated whether it was this Brian Sandberg, and when it turned out to be the case we sent a letter through his female partner, who had ordered the trip, that we were annulling his trip, but that she was still welcome,” Rygaard told the media. Sandberg’s partner said she accepted the company’s decision; but Sandberg was far from impressed.

”No, he wasn’t happy. He did not feel it was reasonable that he was unwelcome. But I had to explain to him that he is a living target – something that can make our guests insecure and subject them to potential risk. He was naturally unhappy as he was the injured party here and he has previously been a quiet and friendly guest down here,” claimed Rygaard.

Sandberg was the target of a shooting incident at a Copenhagen sushi restaurant and another restaurant nearby has claimed it will not serve the notorious biker. He was also the intended target of an additional shooting incident at an inner-city bar called Joe & the Juice in January. Sandberg has also been asked to keep away from the Well-come fitness group’s locations, out of respect for other customers.

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