Icelandic horror film strikes a big deal

rwwmThe British company E1 Entertainment have bought the distribution rights to the recently released Icelandic film Reykjavik Whale Watching Massacre. According to, the negotiated purchase price is the highest that has ever been offered for an Icelandic film in Britain.

The contract with E1 Entertainment ensures the distribution of the film all over Britain and Ireland for the next 12 years. On the website a spokesman for E1 said, “RWWM is a splatter movie of the goriest kind. The story is true to its genre, and the humour is as black as it gets. As a post-capitalist fable, the film is very apposite for our times: men turn into beasts and kindness is a weakness that can only lead to defeat.”

The film has received great appraisal in Iceland and will before long have its world premiere at Screen Fest in Los Angeles in the USA. Screen Fest is one of the most respected horror film festivals in the world and has been compared to the world-renowned Sundance film festival for promoting and supporting independent films.

The Icelandic Film Company’s Julius Kemp directed the film and Sjon Sigurdson, a joint best music Oscar nominee for Dancer In The Dark, wrote the screenplay.

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