Swedish TV celebrity sells her breasts for charity

sweden mapIn a truly magnanimous gesture of selflessness, Swedish television presenter Carolina Gynning offered to sell her silicone breast implants and donate the money to charity. The 30 year-old former model and contestant of the tv show Big Brother made headlines more than two years ago when she had her very large implants removed and then took photos of herself in hospital holding them.

Gynning’s plan was to sell her implants for “1,000 kronor per onion” on her blog website to whoever could write the most moving passage on the true nature of beauty. She is also planning to auction off other fashionable items that were not once inside her body such as high-end shoes and handbags.

The offer for her “private assets,” as she calls her silicone breast implants, got a lot of interest on her blog. But just a few days after posting the offer, Gynning pulled her breasts off the auction block. Her boyfriend, Mattias Trotzig, offered to buy them outright claiming he “doesn’t want anyone else to gain access to [Gynning’s] chest.”

It is a bizarre, if not noble, attempt to both raise money for charity and shed some light on the issue of self-image and the cosmetic surgery industry. Gynning plans to donate the proceeds to various development aid projects. Although you can’t have one of her old double Ds, you still have a chance to buy one of her Gucci bags.

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