Katla Volcano in Iceland might erupt

katla iceland volcano“The last three weeks there have been earthquakes about 10 kilometers deep below Eyjafjall-glacier, which is very similar to a series of events taken place in the years 1994 and 1999,” says geologist Pall Einarsson.

“Both years there were magma intrusions under Eyjafjall-glacier and it was leading to a possible eruption, although Katla never erupted. These magma intrusions are very close to each other and could have influence on each other causing a possible eruption at Katla.”

The Katla volcano is 4,961 feet (1512 meters) high and categorized as a sub-glacial volcano. Katla is located on the southern coast of Iceland close to the town of Vik. The last big eruption occured in the year 1918 with a small eruption in 1955. Since 930 AD, 16 eruptions have occured.  The word “Katla” in Icelandic refers to a kettle and is also a female name in Iceland.

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