Home burglars causing Danes to panic

security-doorThe rather extreme form of personal home protection, the Panic Room, is becoming something of a trend in Denmark. In tandem with a steady rise in domestic burglaries, homeowners are installing these secure hideouts as a last means of protection.

Panic Rooms are guarded by specially-constructed steel doors. If a burglary is taking place, the family can retreat to the impenetrable room until help can arrive. Although the rooms are usually apparent, some homeowners have them installed behind false bookcases or mirrors.

Denmark’s National Police reports that domestic burglaries have nearly tripled from 23 in 2007 to 63 in 2008. The trend appears to be holding steady, as at least 23 homes have already been burglarised in the first five months of this year.

The Copenhagen Post reports that security companies are enjoying a boom in product sales. A typical Panic Room can cost between 20,000 and 30,000 kroner. Bjarke Schultz of the firm ProLock says sales are skyrocketing.

“We’ve had a noticeable increase in the number of enquires since 2006 and every year we’re tripling our sales of security doors to panic rooms in Denmark,” said Schultz.

Safedoors Sikkerhedsdore, another security product company, is experiencing the same increase in demand from homeowners who want to convert a spare room into a Panic Room. “In my opinion it’s a bit of a sad development that you can’t feel safe in your own home,” said Ishak Cosan of Safedoors Sikkerhedsdore.

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