Icelandic home advertised in the New York Times

kort_austurland480_ferdavisir“We have already put in an advertisement here in the local paper in Selfoss and also decided to advertise in the New York Times. There is a slight difference between them” says Olafur Snorrason, owner of a gorgeous, two-storey house at Reynivollur 8 in Selfoss, Iceland.

The house received a lot of good coverage from the real estate section of the New York Times, which is the largest newspaper in the United States. It is very uncommon to find an advertisement for Icelandic real estate in an American newspaper.

Fjola Kristinsdottir, Olafur’s real estate agent, contacted a journalist from the New York Times who wanted to advertise real estate in Denmark. Fjola sent him information about some real estate properties in Denmark as well as Olafur’s house. She also sent in other advertisements for real estate in downtown Reykjavik. The journalist immediately showed interest in Olafur’s house listing.

“I should print this advertisement out and hold on to it. I have advertised my house before at the real estate section on Mogunbladid and in other places. Quite a few people have looked and viewed my ad, but it hasn’t produced much results”, Olafur states. “You never know if there will be a doctor who would get himself a summer house here. It is an ideal place to spend the summer. There is a beautiful garden and it is very close to Selfoss.”

The house was built in 1953 and Olafur has lived in it for about 30 years. The ad at the New York Times can be found here.

(Photo/ Frétt)

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