Icelandic First Lady sued in London by neighbour

kort_austurland480_ferdavisirThe First Lady of Iceland, Dorrit Moussaieff, has been sued by her neighbour in London, Tiggy Butler. Butler, who is also an interior designer, has been pressing charges against First Lady Moussaieff because of alleged aggressive behaviour and threats made by the First Lady. According to the news source, Daily Mail, the two ladies each own a flat in the same building near the wealthy London neighbourhood of Knightsbridge.

The issue first arose in April when water started leaking from Tiggy’s apartment, who happens to live right above Dorrit’s apartment. Daily Mail says that afterwards, Dorrit is reported to have illegally entered Tiggy’s apartment with two other men and refused to leave Tiggy’s premises. Dorrit did not leave until police arrived at the scene.

Tiggy approached the courts demanding that Dorrit stops harassing her. The case went on in the spring, although recently Tiggy has decided to drop the charges and then was ordered to pay 80% to Dorrit for the water damages caused by the leakage from her apartment.

Dorrit told Daily Mail, “The allegations are baseless. She’s claiming I jumped over a 6ft wall to gain entry, even though the day it is supposed to have happened I was on crutches’. Daily Mail was unable to approach Butler for her response.

(Photo/Icelandic Presidential Website

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