Carrot bombs strike fear in Swedish town

carrotAn art project in the Swedish town of Orebro went awry when locals mistook clusters of carrots for bombs, prompting police to step in an attempt to diffuse the situation. The carrot bombs were part of an open-air arts festival in Obrero, but apparently they were a little too real for the residents of this southern Swedish town.

Artist Conny Blom created ‘The Bunny Project: Bombs’ at the behest of a local art gallery for the arts festival. The exhibitions were merely clusters of real orange carrots wrapped with a strip of black tape with a clock and red and blue wires attached. Blom set up 15 displays of his carrot bomb at locations around Obrero.

But as soon as the carrot bombs, which resemble something from a Roadrunner and Coyote cartoon, were in place police were already receiving worried calls from the public who thought they were real. Police then forced Blom to remove his art displays and have now threatened to charge him.

Ronny Hoerman, a deputy on the Obrero police force, told the AFP news agency, “We received a call … from a person who said they saw two real bombs placed outside the public library. It was hard to tell if they were real or not. We find this inappropriate.”

Conny Blom, however, was bewildered over the public reaction, calling his art a harmless stunt. “After all, it is just carrots with an alarm clock and nothing else… this is just a caricature of a bomb,” he noted.

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