Finland extends same-sex adoption rules

gay-parentsFinland’s parliament has voted to give people in same-sex couples who are registered in an official partnership the legal right to adopt the naturally-born child of their partner. The new law enables children to be eligible for alimony and gives them the right to inherit a surviving parent even if they’re not their true biological parent.

This greatly resembles the existing Finnish laws concerning the majority male-female partnerships. If the same-sex couple decides to split ways, the parent who is non-biological would still be able to apply for visitation rights.

The Brisbane Times reported that the bill was passed by parliament by a vote of 108 to 29. One legislator abstained and 61 members of parliament were absent for the vote. A protracted debate preceded the final vote, with several members of the ruling coalition voting against the measure.

Pentti Oinioen, a member of the opposition True Finns Party, sparked angry responses when he spectacularly suggested in public that pet owners may be the next group of Finns to demand the right to marry the pet dogs if the law was passed. However, the bill passed easily, and Oinionen had to come out and state that his comments were not meant to offend anybody.

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