Dane ranked fourth most-wanted Nazi

germanySoren Kam, a Danish national, has moved up to number four on the ten most wanted list for World War II Nazi wartime criminals after a recent revision of the rankings. Kam’s upgrade is the result of reports that Aribert Heim, the doctor who gave lethal injections to victims at the Mathausen camp, may have died in Egypt.

“New evidence suggests that [Heim] may have died in Cairo in 1992, but serious doubts regarding these findings and the fact that there is no corpse to examine, raises doubts as to the veracity of this information,” the Politiken reported.

Soren Kam is wanted for his role in the murder of anti-Nazi Danish newspaper editor Carl Henrik Clemmensen. Kam is also believed to have helped facilitate the roundup of Denmark’s Jewish community by stealing the Danish population registry. This led to the deportation of countless Danish Jews to Nazi concentration camps, where many died.

Kam is known to be living in Germany, but Denmark has been unsuccessful in getting Germany to extradite him to face the charges despite having a European warrant out for his arrest.

Topping the most wanted list compiled by the Simon Wiesenthal Centre is Ivan Demjanjuk, a Nazi who took part in the mass murder of Jews at Sobibor concentration camp. He is currently fighting an extradition order to move him from the US to Germany to face charges.

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