Social Democratic Alliance the largest political party in Iceland

iceland_satellite1Highlights of the final Capacent Gallup Iceland election opinion poll released last night:

The current coalition would get some 56.1% of votes if  the final results were provided by participants in this poll.

Social Democratic Alliance (Samfylkingin) 29.8%
Left Green Movement (Vinstri Grænir) 26.3%
Independence Party (Sjálfstæðisflokkurinn) 23.2%
Progressive Party (Frammsóknarflokkurinn) 12%
Civic Movement (Borgarahreyfingin) 6.8%
Liberal Party (Frjálslyndi flokkurinn) 1.5%
Democracy Movement (Lýðræðishreyfingin) 0.5%

8.4% say that they are going to return empty ballots and those that have not decided are 2.3%. 4.6% said that they did not want to give up how they would cast their votes.

The biggest gain is by the Left Green Movement that goes from 14.4% in the May 2007 elections to 26.3% in this poll. The biggest fall goes to the Independence Party from 36.6% to 23.2%.

However it looks like the Liberal Party is slowly disappearing, going from 7.3% to 1.5% – a party must break the 5% barrier to get any MPs in parliament. In the new-comer section, the Civic Movement is the clear winner with 6.8% but the Democracy Movement does not seem to be getting any momentum.

This opinion poll was done by Capacent Gallup on behalf of Morgunbladid and RUV

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