Eva Joly hired as a special consultant to the Icelandic Government

iceland_satelliteThe announcement of the involvement of Eva Joly being hired as a special consultant to the Icelandic government and the special prosecutor’s team was introduced at a press meeting held at the Ministry of Justice and Ecclesiastical Affairs. Joly said that she would work as an advisor to the special prosecutor and that she would help get information from abroad.

Joly expected to spend some four days a month in Iceland working with the special prosecutor and his team; she would also have regular phone meetings. Ragnar Arnadottir, Minister of Justice and Ecclesiastical Affairs, and Olafur Thor Hauksson special prosecutor celebrated the fact that Eva Joly had been hired but stressed that the bulk of the work would still remain with the special prosecutor’s team but it was great that they could go to Joly for consultation.

Mbl.is reports

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