Around 4000 people protesting in Reykjavik, Iceland

protestAround 4000 people are now in front of the Icelandic parliament building, in central Reykjavik, protesting against the economic situation in Iceland.

People are asking for the resigning of Iceland’s Central Bank management, re-election of the Icelandic parliament and changes in the government.

Among the speakers are writers, journalists and educational advisers.

Between 6000 and 7000 people have been showing up at the last two meetings, it is thought that really cold weather is contributing to the lesser turn-out. A few of the last meetings have been boistrous, but generally well-natured, and so far today’s event has been peaceful.

This is the 8th meeting to be held by the same group of people led by Hordur Torfason, actor and singer/songwriter.

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