In the name of the Dog, the Cat and the Holy Hamster

a Lutheran churchEvery man and his dog is welcome to attend the Sunday church service at the Amiralitet Church in Karlskrona in southern Sweden – indeed, every man, woman, child, and even cats. According to reports in The Local, the church offers a blessing to both two and four legged creatures attending the service.

After the service, the Amiralitet Church, like many other religious institutions, offers those who attended the service coffee. For the dogs, there are treats and bowls of water.

Inger Pettersson was at the service last Sunday with her chow-chow, Anitos Cinhry. “The priest spoke eloquently about how much animals give back and that they are never selfish or dishonest,” Inger said.

Vicar Kjell Erik Pettersson led the service which was attended by the Vicar’s Persian cat, Jocke and Bimbo, his golden retriever. The pair were quiet during most of the ceremony until Bimbo expressed his joy and began playing with another dog present.

The Vicar hopes to repeat the experience next summer, bringing together pets and their owners in a church setting. “It’s more common in the Catholic church,” he said.

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