Swedish feminist swears at cappella group

attitudeLast Friday, Lund University held a formal dinner in honour of newly awarded PhDs. According to reports in The Local, the dinner was interrupted by a profane outburst by a leading feminist.

During a performance by a cappella singing group, Tina Rosenberg, one of the founding members of the Feminist Initiative political movement, rushed towards the stage swearing, and then left the building.

The cappella group, Last Call, could not explain what they had done to inspire the outburst which included an accusation by Rosenberg that the singers were “trampling on the Left.”

The group was performing “Folkets Rattigheter” (The Rights of the People), a humorous song, at the time of the incident.

“Maybe she had had a tough day. But it was really no fun at all. And we were expected to just stand there in front of 500 people, be told off, and expected to deal with it. I’m sorry but at the same time very proud that we had things together enough to continue the song from right where she interrupted us,” said Last Call member Henrik Been.

“I want to point out that we are very apolitical and have only the greatest respect for Tina Rosenberg,” he said.

The University has no plans to take any action against Rosenberg. The head of the university, Goran Bexell, said: “She can take responsibility for her own behaviour.”