No reports of fatalities in Iceland

As a second large earthquake hits Iceland there are no reports of fatalities. Two large quakes and hundreds of small aftershocks have shaken southern Iceland and even been felt all the way in the town of Isafjordur in the north western part of Iceland.

Though there have been reports of some minor injuries there have been no deaths or serious injuries. Icelanders, who construct their houses in a very sturdy way, are used to taking in earthquakes, massive winds and floods to mention but a few of nature’s forces that hit this Saga Island regularly. Iceland, has a population of just over 300,000. The country is a geologically unstable north Atlantic volcanic island.

The people of towns like Selfoss, Hveragerdi, Hella, Hvolsvollur and Eyrabakki are not taking any chances and many are camping outside their homes as predictions of aftershocks have been made by the authorities.

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