New boss for athletics in Iceland

athleticsThis week The Iceland Athletic Federation announced a new President: Ms. Asdis Halla Bragadottir stepped up to the leadership position, according to an announcement by European Athletics.

Bragadottir has both academic and practical qualifications for the position. She obtained a Masters in Business Administration from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard. In addition, as the author of the book “The Role of the Leader,” she is well qualified to handle the important leadership position for the Federation.

Bragadottir’s practical experience in sports politics as the assistant to the Icelandic Minister of Education, Culture and Sports will serve her well in her new role as President. After working for the ministry for two years, she took a position with Iceland’s leading political party, the Independence Party, where she worked as the Manager of the Parliamentary Group.

Despite the time obligations involved in raising two children, Bragadottir has also found time to get involved in politics at the local level. She was the mayor of Gardabaer for one term and was the CEO of a retail store chain, BYKO.

The Iceland Athletic Federation is a member association of the European Athletic Association.