MPs receive violent threats

Norwegian police officerMembers of the Norwegian Parliament were recently threatened, according to reports from NRK. The threats of violence against the politicians have led the Norwegian police Security Service (PST) to discuss specific plans for the personal security of key political figures in Norway.

According to NRK reports, several attacks have already taken place against Norwegian politicians. Last winter, Per Sandberg of the right wing Progress Party (FrP) and Hallgeir Langeland of the Socialist Left Party (SV) were assaulted outside Parliament. The two were kicked and hit.

When the PST investigated the assaults, they discovered the two politicians were not alone in facing street violence. According to a letter from the PST to the Justice Department, several MPs have been physically attacked over the past weeks.

In addition, government buildings have been vandalised and threatening letters have been received at several government departments.

To date, neither the Prime Minister’s office nor the PST have made a public comment on the issue, however NRK believes that the PST is meeting with ministers and MPs in order to discuss security with them.

In an unrelated coincidence, Per Sandberg himself was charged in 1997 for punching and head butting an asylum seeker. He was fined NOK 3,000.