Spring specials with Iceland Express

Iceland ExpressIceland Express, Iceland’s low cost carrier, recently launched a new publicity campaign and is offering a special on spring flights.

Iceland Express has launched a number of quirky ad campaigns in recent years, which mimic in their quirkiness and originality, the spirit of the Icelandic people. One of the most memorable to date, has been a blog with tips on getting a date with an Icelander. The new campaign is all about how Iceland Socks.

The Iceland Socks website allows travellers to choose from a variety of socks in order to make a mini-movie. The movie is set in Iceland and offers a choice of Icelandic landscapes for the movie sets, as well as subtitles. The danger, of course, is that people might be more interested in staying home and playing with their virtual sock movie stars than visiting the landscapes of Iceland.

Iceland Express is making it easy for travellers to pick up and fly this spring, with special fares starting at ?56 on flights from London, Berlin, Alicante, Barcelona and Copenhagen. The deal is available on flights between April 17th and May 14th and is limited in availability.

Travellers to Iceland can book a car at the same time they purchase their aeroplane ticket. Until the end of May, those who do so will be eligible for a free GPS navigation system with their rental.