BizzEnergy introduces new billing system for small business

BizzEnergyBizzEnergy, the UK’s leading independent energy supplier, this week announced the introduction of a new billing system which will make electronic billing a reality for smaller businesses.

The move by BizzEnergy, believed to be the first in the industry, will see the introduction of the XML system which allows organisations to receive bills electronically and therefore eliminates the need for manually processed paper invoices. XML offers the potential for standardised data transfers between organisations but this modern, more flexible billing solution has not previously been adopted by an energy supplier.

The new software system, which was developed and installed by TEAM, the UK’s leading supplier of energy management solutions, will enable organisations to easily access their billing data and translate it into different formats. This includes tailoring it to support their own internal systems and business requirements, such as bill validation programmes, which will enable businesses to process and validate their energy bills more cost-effectively.

James Constant, COO at BizzEnergy, commented: “We’re pleased to be able to implement a change that brings real benefit to our customers whilst also supporting wider government initiatives, including the EU End Use Efficiency Directive which aims to give all customers easier access to billing information“.