UK hedge fund reported to Icelandic and UK authorities

The Financial Services Authorities (FSA) in the UK and Iceland have been warned about a London-based hedge fund which disapproved of a British professor‘s positive assessment of the Icelandic economy, reports and Iceland Review.

Dr Richard Portes, professor in economics at the London Business School and President of the Centre for Economic Policy Research, was allegedly contacted by the hedge fund which urged the professor to consider his reputation when reporting on Iceland and Icelandic banks.

Dr Portes is the author of a number of influential reports on the financial situation in Iceland and has recently portrayed the Nordic country and its banks in a more positive light than many other foreign analysts and media outlets.

The hedge fund in question is one of the four foreign hedge funds that Sigurdur Einarsson, Chairman of Kaupthing Bank, has accused of instigating an attack on the Icelandic financial market and Icelandic banks.

“I quickly realised what was happening and decided to listen carefully and take notes,” Dr Portes said. He then contacted the FSAs in both the UK and Iceland to report the incident.

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