Icelandic kids’ hero combats British obesity

The leader of British Conservative Party has enlisted the services of an Icelandic superhero in order to tackle obesity in youngsters, according to a report in the UK newspaper The Telegraph.

David Cameron is hoping that the vegetable-eating superhero known as Sportacus will reach out to an audience of television watching toddlers.

Magnus Scheving plays the role of Sportacus, a high energy superhero who comes from Lazy Town. The hero’s somersaulting antics are broadcast in over 100 countries worldwide including the UK.

Every hero has a nemesis and Sportacus has Robbie Rotten, a villain who desires all the inhabitants of Lazy Town to lead a slothful existence as junk-eating slobs.

The Conservative leader is hoping to use Sportacus as an icon for his party’s fight against flab. “He has done a lot of good reducing obesity in Iceland,” said one party member. “Although it may sound funny, the message is a serious one.”

The television programme is designed to make children more excited about eating fruit and vegetables and it seems to be working. Many point to Sportacus as the reason behind more Icelandic families choosing to eat healthy foods and exercising more often.

Sportacus made an appearance last year at the National Obesity Forum in London. “He walked up to the podium on his hands. It was very impressive,” said Dr Wayne, the chairman of the forum. “I think political parties have to try different options and he has an excellent track record so I welcome this.”

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