Relaxing in perpetual darkness

The Norwegian city of Tromsø lies approximately 800 miles above the Arctic Circle, creating total darkness from 26 November to 15 January.

Despite almost two months of night time, the city has a surprisingly normal ambience with university life, bars and restaurants, all as warm and open as ever, reports

This town of 60,000 people actually claims to prefer the arctic night, as it brings with it a peaceful time of skiing and relaxation.

Hotel owner Stig Hansen says: “I actually prefer the winters. I like the darkness, the northern lights, the skiing. It’s relaxing.”

During this season you can find locals at the local pub, enjoying some Nordic cuisine, or even ducking into Burger King.

But being this far north inspires many jokes, as locals are quick to tell you.

“When someone makes a dumb comment, you’ll say, ‘You’re being the northernmost idiot in the world right now,'” said Ivor Jacobson, a student at University of Tromso. “If you have too much to drink, you’ll say, ‘I’m the world’s northernmost drunk.'”

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