Iceland Express rebranded

Iceland Express, an airline which connects Iceland with 16 destinations in Europe, recently completed a corporate rebranding exercise. The airline will now use orange instead of green as its company colour and will advertise with the slogan “We fly to please”.

The airline’s CEO, Matthias Imsland, said: “Iceland Express has grown fast, from serving only two routes during the first year, and has proved itself in this market for the past five years. The time is right to introduce a new and more mature corporate identity. We will focus even more than before on being flexible and giving our customers both great service and value for money. At the same time we aim to put more fun into flying.”

Iceland Express has already gained recognition in Iceland for its marketing manoeuvres. The Icelandic Association of Marketing Professionals (IMARK) nominated the airline as one of three contenders for the ‘Marketing Company of the Year’ award.

In addition, at the World Low Cost Airlines Congress in London, Iceland Express won the Best Website award.

Iceland Express operates flights to London Stansted and destinations in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.