New leading Nordic real estate adviser formed

Glitnir Bank - Glitnir Property HoldingA new leading Nordic real estate adviser, Glitnir Property Holding, has been created following the merger of Norwegian Glitnir Property Group and the Swedish real estate adviser Leimdörfer.

The new company, Glitnir Property Holding, is 70% owned by Glitnir bank and 30% by the former partners of UNION Gruppe – Union Eiendomskapital and Leimdörfer. Glitnir Property Holding entered into an agreement to acquire 91 percent of the shares in the Swedish company Leimdörfer Holding AB in a transaction which was completed on July 5th.

Leimdörfer is a leading Swedish real estate adviser which operates in the Nordic property market. The company was founded in 1992 and has 40 employees with offices in Stockholm and Helsinki, Finland. Leimdörfer has built up business in four specific areas; brokerage, corporate finance, financial advisory and strategic advisory.

Glitnir is already a strong, established player in the Norwegian real estate market since it acquired majority shares in UNION Gruppe in 2004. The real estate adviser, which is based in Oslo, focuses on brokerage, syndication and financial advisory. By joining forces with Leimdörfer in Sweden and Finland, Glitnir has effectively become the main adviser in the Nordic real estate markets.

Peter Leimdörfer, who will become the new Managing Director of Glitnir Property Holding, said, „Joining forces with a proactive financial group like Glitnir, with a strong presence in all Nordic countries and a global network in banking and finance, will provide us with the opportunity to offer our clients even better advisory services in cross border transactions. Furthermore, Glitnir´s significant financial strength will enable us to expand into new markets“.

See Glitnir‘s website at for more information on Glitnir Property Holding and the Nordic real estate markets. for direct contact talk to Peter Leimdörfer, Managing Director – ?

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