Skyr Exports on the Increase

The export of skyr to the US has increased fivefold since it began in August 2005., the company which produces the export skyr, now ships 9 tonnes a week, which is about 53,000 small pots.Skyr is a non-fat dairy product which has the consistency of thick yoghurt and has been a healthy staple in the Icelandic diet since settlement. It now comes in many fruit flavours and is protein and calcium rich. Skyr has been available in 30 Whole Foods Market shops but last week 40 shops were added to the chain which will stock the product. There are over 190 Whole Foods Market stores in the US, Canada and the UK. This summer will see the opening of a new store on High Street Kensington with 80,000 square feet of retail space.

Skyr is not the only Icelandic milk product which can be bought in the States. Whole Foods Markets also sell Icelandic butter and Höfðingi and Stori-Dimon cheeses. However, the American consumption of skyr pales in comparison to the 20 tonnes that Icelanders eat each week.

Skyr can be bought online and shipped internationally from Iceland at:

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