Reykjavik University’s Web Site: the Eyes have IT

Icelandic marketing firm to use next-generation technology to measure effectiveness of the school’s online marketing efforts. As part of its evaluation of Reykjavik University’s web site, Nordic eMarketing will use cutting-edge eye tracking technology to show where visitors are looking.

Nordic eMarketing, one of the leading marketing firms in Europe, will combine the information gathered from the device with data from other web analytics tools to comprehensively evaluate the extent of Reykjavik University’s impact online.

The tracking tool, designed by Tobii Technologies of Sweden, follows volunteers’ eye movements as web pages are displayed on a monitor-like screen. The information is used to create a record of where people focus their attention and for how long they look. This advance offers a unique look into the mind of the consumer and greatly aids in web and advertising design.
Reykjavik University maintains four campuses in the capital area, and is renowned for its use of technology in higher education. This is no small feat, as Iceland has one of the most technologically advanced and educated populations on the planet. The University offers degrees in a wide range of areas including engineering, business, and law. The MBA program is tremendously competitive and diverse, and attracts top professors from European, American, and Asian business schools. In this partnership with Nordic eMarketing, the school hopes to bring its web site in line with its high academic standards.

More information about Nordic eMarketing and the technology available for web site analysis and optimization can be found at In addition, you can get a glimpse of Reykjavik University’s site “before,” at There are English and Icelandic versions with material on the school and its curriculum.