World’s Top 10 Most Relaxing Destinations: Iceland’s Blue Lagoon hits top spot

According to, Iceland’s Blue Lagoon has been labelled as the World’s Most Relaxing Destination In The World, hitting the top stop of its popular top 10 list.

Spa Seekers analysed the the amount of times the word ‘relaxing’ was mentioned in online travel reviews of some of the world’s most visited attractions, with the Blue Lagoon hitting the top spot.

The world-famous geothermal spa, the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, was linked to 4,050 mentions of the word ‘relaxing’ in its online reviews.

The Blue Lagoon offers visitors geothermal waters, stunning natural scenery, and a wide range of spa facilities and amenities including saunas, steam baths, and various skin treatments using the lagoon’s natural resource – making it the perfect destination for anyone looking to unwind.  

As part of the list, the Blue Lagoon was in pole position, with Hungary’s Széchenyi Baths and Pool in second place, the Thermae Bath Spa in England coming in third, France’s Luxembourg Gardens in fourth, and the Parque del Retiro in Spain in fifth place.

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