Icelandair plane

Introducing Flights Between Akureyri and Keflavik Airport

Icelandair plans to launch flights between Akureyri and Keflavik Airport in conjunction with their domestic flights this autumn. Despite the challenges in establishing air travel between these regions, the company’s CEO remains optimistic about the venture’s success. 

Booking for these flights will only be available in conjunction with Icelandair’s domestic flights, and security screening will be conducted at Akureyri Airport. Optimism Prevails Despite Difficulties in Sustaining Flights Establishing air travel between Akureyri and Keflavik has proven challenging. 

“We attempted this several years ago, but the setup was more complex. We had two airlines, two distribution systems, and two brands,” says Bogi Nils Bogason, CEO of Icelandair, in an Interview with RÚV. However, the company’s operations have significantly changed since the merger of Icelandair and Air Iceland Connect.

An attempt was made to initiate the flights last spring, but it was postponed. According to Bogi, much was happening within the company at that time. “We acknowledged it was a delay, but we committed to resuming the project and are now putting it into motion. Hopefully, the reception will be positive, as this should be in place.” Suitable for Residents and Travelers Alike Bogi asserts that this new air route will benefit residents living in rural areas. It will also contribute to a better distribution of tourists throughout the country, which is crucial for the growth of the tourism industry.

“We consider it necessary for Icelandic tourism that this development takes place, encouraging travellers to explore more of the country. The tourism industry wants and needs to thrive, and it can only do so if we all work towards this goal, ensuring that passengers venture out into the countryside using air travel.”