“Skara Cannibal” sentenced after decapitating and eating girlfriend

A Swedish man who decapitated his girlfriend and ate parts of her body, has been found guilty of murder and been committed to institutional psychiatric care. Isakin Jonsson, who has become known as the “Skara Cannibal”, called the police in November and confessed to the gruesome crime. “When you come here, you don’t have to go after me. I’m as calm as can be,” he said in the call.

Jonsson, 32, killed his 40 year-old girlfriend in their apartment after the couple returned from a trip to the shops. “I remember how I slit her throat. Then I went to the kitchen and started cooking,” he told the Skoovde District Court, according to the Expressen newspaper.

“With a knife, saw, and scissors, he removed the head from the body,” prosecutor Lars Johansson said.

Jonsson, whose court-ordered psychiatric evaluation revealed that he suffers from a severe mental illness, showed no remorse for his actions. “I stand for what I’ve said and I stand for what I did,” he told the central Swedish court.

“There was no motive whatsoever. We were a couple with a future together. I’ve never felt this way with a girl before,” he added when asked why he did it. Jonsson was also ordered to pay his girlfriend’s parents and her five children SKK 75,000 (EUR 8,490) each.