Danes’ sexual habits revealed

Danes are leading the way when it comes to having multiple sexual partners but are unlikely to dabble in same sex relationships, according to a new report. A study conducted by MetroXpress newspaper found that one in every six Danes has casual sex on a regular basis. This average figure was a massive three times higher than any of the other nine countries in the probe.

Obviously concerned with both quality and quantity, a quarter of Danes also admit to having more than 20 sexual partners in their lifetime, compared with an average of just one seventh of respondents from other countries.

Sexologist Vivi Hollaender said the high sexual activity seen among Danes could be down to the country having a “tradition for sexual freedom”. She added that people are also perhaps less worried about being promiscuous as there is limited social stigma attached to abortions compared to in other countries.

The study also found, however, that most Danes play it straight when it comes to their bedroom buddies, with just one in 25 reporting slipping between the sheets with someone of the same sex. In comparison, one in six Americans claims to have batted for the same side at least once.

Commissioned by Metro International, which publishes freesheets in 18 countries around the world, the poll questioned 5,483 people in Europe, the US and Canada.