Three dead in Finland McDonald’s shooting

Three men have been gunned down at a McDonald’s drive-through in southern Finland after a row erupted between the occupants of two vehicles. The incident occurred at around 02.00 on Tuesday 6th July when a semiautomatic handgun was fired from a Toyota SUV at a convertible containing a pregnant woman and four men.

Two of the men, aged 28 and 45, died at the scene, and another 28-year-old man died in a Helsinki hospital later that day. Two were reportedly shot in the head while the other was shot in the chest.

Detective inspector Peter Fagerholm said three people from the SUV were arrested in the town of Porvoo. He added that the cause of the argument is not yet known.

“We believe it was a very small issue that escalated,” Fagerholm said in a report by CNN. He added that he does not believe the shooting was pre-planned or that the parties in the two vehicles knew each other.

The shots were fired from a SUV carrying one woman and two men. A 41-year-old man is said to be the prime suspect. He was sentenced to life in prison in 1995 for two counts of attempted homicide and one count of murder, according to Fagerholm.

The suspect’s name has not been revealed, but Fagerholm said he was released on parole in December. Witnesses in a third car are being questioned by police.