Women to dominate ‘male’ professions in Sweden

women1Women are set to take over traditional male roles in Sweden, according to a new forecast. Within 20 years, the majority of doctors, architects, lawyers and economists in the country will be female, if the latest figures from Statistics Sweden (SCB) are to be believed.

Swedish women are becoming more prominent in traditionally male-dominated professions and taking on more intense university courses. The effects of the changing gender demographic have already started to be seen in the country, with young females dominating ‘male’ professions within their age group.

It is believed that women are now keener to further their academic studies and gain higher qualifications than their male counterparts, reports The Local. While only 31 percent of Swedish men have a university degree, this figure now stands at 39 percent for Swedish women.

Higher education take-up in both genders is expected to increase over the next two decades, but the gap between the two is also predicted to get wider. By 2030, it is thought that half of women will have taken additional qualifications, compared to just 36 percent of men.

While men are expected to continue dominating professions such as forestry, transport services, the police and engineering, it is forecast that the majority of scientists, theologians, doctors, dentists, agronomists, architects, vets, lawyers and economists will be female.