Denmark holds the Russia – Denmark Caravan of Friendship

caravanAccording to RIA RusBusiness News, in October 2009 Denmark will hold the “Caravan of Russia – Denmark Friendship” forum. The aim of the forum is to establish cultural and business relationships between representatives of Russia and Denmark as well as other European countries.

So called ‘Days of Russian Culture’ will take place in Copenhagen between 15 and 19 October. The event will include a carnival street parade, a festival concert of Russian and Danish artists at the central city square, as well as a specially prepared Russian cultural concert performed by talented child artists, who were selected by the national social programme “Argument of Success”.

Well-known politicians, leaders, businessmen and governors of Moscow and other Russian key regions will fly from Russia for the business part of the “Caravan of Russia – Denmark Friendship” event to establish direct collaboration between small and medium size companies from Russia and Denmark.

Currently Denmark is also organising two international business conferences where businessman from Russian and European countries will visit Danish companies to share their experience and sign up direct contracts for future partnership.

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