Copenhagen district to get ‘international’ park

norrebroCopenhagen’s Norrebro district is well known as one of the city’s great melting pots of culture and ethnicity, and it’s this global diversity that will feature most prominently in a new ‘international’ park scheduled to be built in the area. The Copenhagen city council has agreed to transform an abandoned neighbourhood into a huge multifunctional park, providing equal facilities for both sports and the arts.

The Copenhagen Post reports that the ambitious new project is to be called Superkilen, and will be divided into three distinct sections. Set to open by September 2011, the 50 million kroner park is the brainchild of a consortium of Danish architects, engineers and artists.

“The starting point is that this is a unique area of Copenhagen with a unique history, with residents from many different ethnic backgrounds,” Jakob Fenger, from the Superflex art group, told the Politiken newspaper. The park is deliberately avoiding traditional Danish aspects, instead pulling ideas 57 different countries.

Interesting things such as Moroccan fountains, Brazilian phone booths, and traditional British rubbish bins are just some of the unique details to be implemented within this global park. Copenhagen’s city council is hoping its international park will put Norrebro district on the world map. If they pull off everything they have planned, it probably will.

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