Testers accepted for new ‘twinning’ site

tellmetwinTellMeTwin.com, a new website that offers to find user’s personality ‘twins’, is inviting people to take part in its Beta testing stage before the site’s main launch this summer.

The Wikipedia inspired site uses personality tests and highly accurate comparisons of users’ likes and dislikes to match twins from all walks of life. The site’s creators hope that twins will reveal whole new worlds of film, art, music and collectibles which users would never have known about without TellMeTwin.

The site has been devised by Icelandic entrepreneur Einar Sigvaldason, who thought up the concept whilst studying at Berkeley University in 2001. “I founded TellMeTwin because I wanted movie and song recommendations from someone who I can trust to think like me”, said Sigvaldason. “I’ve also always loved self psychoanalysis. I felt there was a need for an online application; not just personality tests, but also a way to rate my likes, dislikes and life experience in order to map myself more deeply than before.”

Users are invited to influence the development of the site by registering for Beta testing at www.TellMeTwin.com.