Iceland celebrates ‘I Never Went South’ music festival

imx-new-logo2.jpgLocal Icelandic artists performed at the Aldrei for eg sudur (I Never Went South) music festival last weekend in Isafjordur, northwest Iceland.

Mugison, the founder of the festival, said the name refers to the gravitation of young people towards the Icelandic capital Reykjavik.

In an interview with NME magazine, Mugison described the festival’s conception: “The original idea was from a gig I did at the ICA in London on what was the hottest day in something like 400 years. It was an arty farty thing so my father [Isafjordur’s harbour master] and I had this great idea to do it here in the roughest conditions, not having the arty element but focusing on the local scene.”

“We do it at Easter because it’s a holiday and people can have a hangover. It’s definitely the roughest conditions and the toughest part of Iceland,” he added.