Port access in Norway restricted for Russian fishing vessels

As part of the EU’s sanctions against Russia, Norway is targeting key sectors of the Russian economy, including restricting the access of Russian fishing vessels.

Currently, most ports in Norway are closed for Russian fishing vessels, apart from those in Tromsø, Båtsfjord, and Kirkenes. This allowed crew members to change crew, resupply, and unload fish. However, new restrictions will be in place, meaning that Russian fishing vessels can dock at the aforementioned ports for a maximum of five working days, or seven days when including weekends and holidays

Emilie Enger Mehl, Norway’s Minister of Justice and Emergency Preparedness, explains, “With the exception of three ports partially open to Russian fishing vessels, inspection activity is already high. But the police and customs are now strengthening their inspection, and we are placing stricter requirements on Russian fishing vessels when staying in port.”

The Norway-Russia fisheries agreement remains one of the final cooperations between the two countries, which ensures long-term management of the cod stock and other species in the Barents Sea.

The Norwegian government has also directed that the customs service must share information with the Norwegian State police, and the military to continue to monitor all maritime activity.

Image: The Municipality of Tromsø from Tromsø, Norway